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Floor and Carpet Cleaning | East Coast Facility Support & Cleaning Services

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Floor Cleaning  and maintenance

Staff and Management at East Coast Facility Support have over 30 years’ experience cleaning and restoring carpets to a like new condition and we strive to offer the highest quality and cost effective carpet cleaning service available.

Our Industrial team use only the very best carpet cleaning products and equipment at all times (see logos below from the leading brands we use)  By using the highest quality products and machinery, we ensure that the best possible clean is always the outcome and that the products we use are safe and reliable for even the toughest stains. You can be assured that our cleaning service is effective, efficient, and safe for your carpet and for your working or home envoironment.

We recognize that all carpets are not the same, therefore our approach to cleaning your carpets will depend on the type and quality of carpet you have. Our techniques, machinery and detergents guarantee the removal of many stubborn stains that once seemed impossible to remove. Quality carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpet, and care for your carpet in a way that will save you time and money in the long run.

Specialized Floor Cleaning and maintenance

From commercial to domestic flooring, we are aware of the high range and different types, from natural stone carpets to terrazzo, marble, ceramic, cork, tiled, synthetic, resin etc.

Our dedicated Industrial Staff have been fully trained to clean to a like new condition, all the variable types of specialized flooring possible. In public premises where it is not always possible to gain access to such areas during the day/evening time, we are happy to do this kind of specialized cleaning overnight at no extra cost to the client. We are of course, fully insured for all work undertaken at any time of the day or night.

We do floor and carpet cleaning as requested when required or as part of an ongoing regular service should this suit your home or business needs.

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